Protect pork from foodborne pathogens without impacting color or flavor.

PorciBrom™ is an antimicrobial made specifically for pork that effectively reduces harmful foodborne pathogens.

PorciBrom benefits:

  • Effectively reduces Salmonella and E. coli
  • DBDMH nuggets form hypobromous acid (HOBr) in water
  • Maintains the integrity of pork with no impact on color or flavor
  • Easily configured with many existing spray cabinets and spray chill systems* and is equally effective in cold and warm water1
  • Safe for workers and equipment

*When used according to label. The PorciBrom label contains safety information for the concentrated nugget form of PorciBrom.
1Pittman CI, Geomaras I, Woerner DR, Nightingale KK, Sofos JN, Goodridge LD, Belk KE. Assessment of BoviBrom Against Escherichia coli on Beef Carcass Tissue. 2011

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